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Ginger just sort of appeared one day on his computer.

Jack Harrison was a 19 year old student at the University of Rhode Island. Like most other college students like him Jack sufferedkeep-calm-and-use-correct-grammar-2-resized-600 from grammatical difficulties. One morning though everything changed. Jack, while using his laptop one morning, when he was around 18, Jack noticed that his laptop had the super sophisticated form of grammar checking Ginger installed on the computer. He wondered to himself. How did this get here? He realized that it might’ve been his roommate or his brother possibly. He asked both of them via text both of them answered no. He wanted to get to the bottom of how Ginger was installed on his laptop? He also had limited knowledge about Ginger and didn’t know how much to pay for it. He wanted to know if there are any legal type issues that he should look out for too. He found out that there were far and few. So he just saw it as a free gift for now. In the back of his mind though Jack really wanted to get to the bottom of who in the world would go and install a grammar checking software on his computer and how would they be able to get access to his laptop which he thought was locked in his dorm room. So he figured that really narrowed it down to only a few people his roommates or any of the classic roommate friends that were constantly in their dorm rooms. Well thought Jack. He had three roommates and he knew of two of their friends which basically lived in their room with the exception of sleeping. We all know those people I find it hard to believe though that someone of their calibergrammar would go and just install a computer program on someone’s laptop/app it just seems a little strange. So he decided to ask of them it turned out the victim was one of the visitors Roy Hibbertson. You see Roy always came periodically during the week to visit his good friend Sam and Roy seemed to speak a lot about the amazing things that Ginger has done for young people’s ultimate grammar. “ We’ve got to use this technology” Roy would often remark. “ If we don’t it will be a waste of the innovative minds of the inventors of them. So I strongly advocate using Ginger or grammarly. Not only will help give you better overall, grammar, spelling and syntax. “ I would love to get one of those Ginger things” said Jack. He then notices his friend get excited. “ Woot!” he exclaimed. Years go by and Jack still continues to benefit from the amazing benefits that Ginger has to offer. It is amazing how much we can do with technology even with certain limitations we can really benefit the world and make it all a better, happier, and overall more spacious and pleasant place to live. If you have grammar struggles consider Ginger too!

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Bomb The Bath!

bath-bombs Lush bath bombs. Sean Alexanderson thought he would never be the one buying these fun bath items. It all changed one day when he needed a little bit more aromatherapy in his life. When he decided that he wanted to find great bath bombs he decided lush would be the best place for him to get these bath bombs. He had friends who had raved about the lush company and really enjoyed their products. Therefore, it was a no brainer for Sean Alexanderson to go and buy these products it was how he would live and go on with his life. It was how Sean Alexanderson rolled. The lush bath bombs came in a lot of different varieties and tones. Some of Sean’s favorite lush bath bombs include Lava lamp, yoga bomb, guardian of the forest and a bunch of others. A lot of these lush bath bombs were at good prices no higher than around $7.95 granted there were a few that were mad expensive. A lot though weren’t so badly priced at all. Starlit waters actually was even less expensive priced at $5.25 so there were a few exceptions over here. These were all great bath bombs though.

What was one of Sean’s favorite lush bath bombs? Probably the intergalactic. The intergalactic online was titled with the caption hooked on a feeling. The intergalactic is described as being a form of semi bathing in deep space. It includes an awesome mix of refreshing smells of peppermint and neon colors that keep your mood rocketing. Other scents included in the mix of this lush bathbomb includes popping candy feelings which make you feel like you are goinbath-bombs-1g on a trip all around the milky way. Other scents you will feel with this lush bath bomb also includes rogue layers of vetivert and cedarwood including the warmth of human contact which will give it a hint of 80’s aftershave. The intergalactic also contains a lot of great key ingredients. One of its main ingredients is peppermint oil or menthe piperita. The intergalactic also contains some other main ingredients. These ingredients include Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, fragrance, popping candy which includes isolmalt, lycasin, carbon dioxide, cream of tartar also known as potassium bitartrate, water (aqua), Peppermint Oil, Grapefruit oil, Vetivert Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Snowflake, Limonene Linalool, Lemon ice and Gold Glimmer, and Lustre. All of these also occur naturally in a bunch of different essential oils. If you were to put these ingredients into two main categories it would be the following:

natural ingredients and safe synthetics. Sean had another favorite lush bath bomb too. On the website it was described as having great sparkle and shine with a nice gold luster that swirls in water leaving a slim shimmer on people’s skin. This lush bath bomb is known as the shoot for the stars lush bath bomb. It contains a lot of great ingredients too. Here are a few of them. Will start with the featured ingredient fait trade organic cocoa butter. This lush bath bomb has a lot of other great ingredients too. They include some of the following sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, brazillian orange oil, corn starch, Limonene, Coconut Cream, Water and a whole array of other ingredients.

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Argan Oil Shampoo

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There are a lot of different natural shampoos out there one of them is Argan oil it has a lot of great benefits. Let me illustrate with a little story.

Along time ago in a place called Townsville, Ohio there lived a man named Bob Brexman. Bob Brexman had been using his favorite store bought shampoo that he had been buying on a regular basis once a month or a month and half depending on how much shampoo he used. One day in December 2013 that all changed. He had been going a lot to the local Coffee shop when he ran into a guy into all natural products. Somehow they got into a conversation about the benefits of Argan oil. The guy asked Bob “ Do you use Argan oil shampoo though?” Bob replied. “ No I do not” replied Bob. “ Well why not” said this guy at the coffee shop. “ Did you know that Argan oil has all these great benefits.” The guy at the store then went on to explain to Bob how Argan oil shampoo (Maple Holistics) is great because of its all natural ingredients. He went into detail with Bob about how it can support hair growth and deal with other hair related problems too that he went into detaiargan-oil Argan tree with nuts on branchesl to explain to him. The thing that impressed Bob the most though was, atleast the brand of Argan oil that the coffee shop guy was telling him about, contained no sulfates or Parabens. Bob had no idea what these were so the guy at the coffee shop explained to him. Bob then decided hey he might as well give this a shot. So Bob went on and bought some Argan oil shampoo. It helped him with hair growth and a lot of other great benefits for his hair. Three years later Bob still uses Argan oil shampoo on a regular basis. One problem though. Bob had lost his job for a little bit after three months he eventually found a new job but he had a lot of money trouble over the past few months so it became hard for him to buy the brand of argan oil shampoo that he really loved to use. He still was able to balance out how much money he used but his wife would constantly remind him be careful with getting that argan oil shampoo because he had to make sure he provided for her, his, and his three children’s basic needs. Granted he was an accountant and his wife did wealth management when losing your job though you have to be careful to cut your expenses. When he had to evaluate how he was going to balance his other expenses with getting his argan oil shampoo, which, at this point, had become the main shampoo for his hair and honestly he couldn’t really handle any other shampoo, Bob decided to look up online argan oil shampoo that is most cost effective. He found something quite surprising. Online there were a lot of do it yourself (DIY) recipes for making your own argan oil shampoo. Bob made his own, gave him the shampoo he wanted and was able to provide for his families needs. The end.

Grammarly Review

Once upon a time theregrammerly was a man named Joe. Joe’s job was to a review for a bunch of different grammar software programs. One Wednesday night his job was do a grammarly review for you guessed it the

grammar checking software called grammarly.

For this Grammarly review Joe started by talking about how grammar checking was different prior to when grammarly first came to the forefront of the grammar checking software world. Back in the day

by that I mean way back in the day people did not write essays or reports even with a computer. They used this invention that the modern day kiddos have probably never heard of. A typewriter. Now what

model of the Mac is that you may ask? The answer to that question is none. This even dates back before we had modern computers and definetly way before grammarly existed. Now granted they had that

massive computer in some big facility back in the 1950’s overall though the typewriter was the norm for writing papers, essays, reports. Etc. etc. This was the toughest way to write on. The typewriter was

basically a machine where you would put in paper and then type onto it. If you made a mistake in grammar checking or spelling though guess what? You couldn’t just do backspace while typing on real legit paper. You had to throw out what

you were working and start again. In some ways this was worse than writing by hand because at least when writing by hand, if you use a pencil you can erase one grammar mistake. Here you had to start allover again. Our methods for writing

stuff up has become progressively better though. Microsoft Word, which started with what was called Word perfect back in the day, began to change this especially between 2000-present day with the grammar and spelling checker built into

the program. This feature isn’t only present on Microsoft word but also any of the Microsoft office programs that allow you to type stuff up (e.g. Powerpoint or some other similar types of programs like that).


The problem with these type of programs though is that they are unable to pick up a bunch of different grammar errors (e.g. a lot of times they can’t differentiate when their or grammerlyfixing

there are used in the wrong context although sometimes they do which is weird). Grammarly , which is not that old, is the next stage up from the Microsoft office type checker.

With grammarly it is able to check for a lot of different grammar errors in a ton of different contexts for a variety of errors. This includes grammar, spelling, and a whole lot of

different grammatical issues that only a program with the capabilities of grammarly can achieve. Therefore, in his grammarly review, Joe continued by raving about the different

great featured that grammarly has to offer. He ended the review with a link to grammarly’s website in order so you can find more information about his this grammar checker

software program, grammarly maybe a great option for you too!

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