Ginger just sort of appeared one day on his computer.

Jack Harrison was a 19 year old student at the University of Rhode Island. Like most other college students like him Jack sufferedkeep-calm-and-use-correct-grammar-2-resized-600 from grammatical difficulties. One morning though everything changed. Jack, while using his laptop one morning, when he was around 18, Jack noticed that his laptop had the super sophisticated form of grammar checking Ginger installed on the computer. He wondered to himself. How did this get here? He realized that it might’ve been his roommate or his brother possibly. He asked both of them via text both of them answered no. He wanted to get to the bottom of how Ginger was installed on his laptop? He also had limited knowledge about Ginger and didn’t know how much to pay for it. He wanted to know if there are any legal type issues that he should look out for too. He found out that there were far and few. So he just saw it as a free gift for now. In the back of his mind though Jack really wanted to get to the bottom of who in the world would go and install a grammar checking software on his computer and how would they be able to get access to his laptop which he thought was locked in his dorm room. So he figured that really narrowed it down to only a few people his roommates or any of the classic roommate friends that were constantly in their dorm rooms. Well thought Jack. He had three roommates and he knew of two of their friends which basically lived in their room with the exception of sleeping. We all know those people I find it hard to believe though that someone of their calibergrammar would go and just install a computer program on someone’s laptop/app it just seems a little strange. So he decided to ask of them it turned out the victim was one of the visitors Roy Hibbertson. You see Roy always came periodically during the week to visit his good friend Sam and Roy seemed to speak a lot about the amazing things that Ginger has done for young people’s ultimate grammar. “ We’ve got to use this technology” Roy would often remark. “ If we don’t it will be a waste of the innovative minds of the inventors of them. So I strongly advocate using Ginger or grammarly. Not only will help give you better overall, grammar, spelling and syntax. “ I would love to get one of those Ginger things” said Jack. He then notices his friend get excited. “ Woot!” he exclaimed. Years go by and Jack still continues to benefit from the amazing benefits that Ginger has to offer. It is amazing how much we can do with technology even with certain limitations we can really benefit the world and make it all a better, happier, and overall more spacious and pleasant place to live. If you have grammar struggles consider Ginger too!

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