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google classroomGoogle Classroom was launched in 2012, and after some trouble with the beginning of it, it is now sailing smoothly. Relatively speaking. Some people are still not thrilled with providing Google with personal and academic information, and that is completely understandable.

On the other hand, Classroom has been a real help. It assists teachers, students, faculty, and any other member of the education field. It is a way to bring everything closer to home, and consolidate information in an effective way. Classroom took some heat at first, but soon afterwards Googe announced that it will not be extracting any personal information for the sake of ad placement.

This was a good thing, but I am not completely satisfied, personally. I know – know, without a doubt in my mind – that Google is making something, somehow, off of Classroom. And it is just a question of navigating the thing properly. Okay, so Classroom is up and running, and you hook everything up. BOOM. Your class is at your command. Pretty cool, to be honest.

Classroom was originally meant to be a way for managing academic work in a paperless way. This not only saves trees, time, and money, but it also makes it much more accessible. There is no way that such efficiency could have been so widespread before computers came along. No, sir. I don’t think so, anyway.

The platform was created as an app for android systems, and later, after it caught on, it was redesigned for other platform. Classroom is a hybrid of sorts, bringing together the worlds of older traditions and new technology. I feel it does a pretty good job at it, and the fact that anyone can now use it (as of March 2017, it became available for all users, including those with personal accounts) is the kicker.

Is there a risk involved here? Always. There is always sogoogle-classroom 1mething – something – which will make you think twice. I know that if I search long enough I will find it in anything. But, it is worth the risk, since Classroom is one of the best free tools out there. Its design is easy to use and a pleasure to work with. Google cares about education, at least to some extent, and it doesn’t hide that fact. To release such a grading and distribution software to the masses is a great step in the right direction. Or so I think.

Introducing technology to the classroom has been a sore point for many of my contemporaries. Some are vehemently against it, and I feel I know why. It is undoubtedly because they fear what they do not know. And that I cannot go with. I have seen how technology can really change a person and his or her future, so I am all for the advancement of technology in the classrooms. We need to use the tools which are at our disposal, and there is nothing wrong with that. It is not as if our old education system is in such good shape.

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