Diy Tea Tree Oil

We all make choices which affect our future. Every single day, we are faced with endless opportunities. Some of them slip right by us, some of them seem more important, and some of them are indeed more important than others. When it comes to skin care, and hair care, there is a problem. On the one hand, we can agree that external beauty counts for a lot, but that it shouldn’t be a major priority when in proper context. Many of us sacrifice a certain future for what we are now, but this doesn’t we cannot learn and grow.

So, how does this all connect to hair care product, and to tea tree oil shampoo (by Maple Holistics)? Well, it has to do with the kinds of things which we are introducing into our system without thinking about it for more than two seconds. It is indicative of this attitude towards ourselves and towards commercial products.

Try and understand that the FDA, for instance, cares a lot more about truth with food and medicined than it does with cosmetics and beauty products. It is one of the most annoying things in the world, to see that word “natural” on the label, or other words which smell of marketing and not of truth.

I believe that people are content with their day-to-day hair care routine. That is all well and good, but I wonder how good they are going to feel about it if suddently they find that their hair and scalp have been bringing in a lot of other things into their body. Things which may not be as useful and pleasant.

There is no arguing that some hair care products out there get the job done. They get results, but at what cost? It could be that you are saying to yourself: meh, YOLO. And yeah, there is some merit to that. But I, personally, didn’t want to continue using certain potentially-harmful products on my skin and hair.

So, I started to slowly but surely reduce my dependency on commercial products, and develop a taste – so to speak – for DIY cosmetics. The most immediate advantage of such a system is that the things which I do make at home (since it is an ongoing process) fit me really well, and I can see how it is preventive and reactive.

Things like soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste. Easy stuff. I can’t make everything. I mean, I have a job, you know? But on weekends, that is my time to shine. I get things together and whip a batch of stuff. Sometimes I experiment, sometimes I go for the well-known and familiar.

The abilities of the tea tree are not to be underestimated. They are not on the level of panaceas of old, but they stick pack a punch. You can get a lot done with the help of a little bottle, since the stuff is so powerful. Make sure that it remains in glass, since plastic could be the death of your oil. If you put some in a squirt bottle (the way I do with peppermint oil and sea salt), keep your eyes on the date.
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